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Tutoring Program Schedule

Tutoring Programs Offered:
ECHS offers a variety of  intensive academic preparation programs that provide students opportunities to strengthen academic skills necessary for high school and college readiness. ECHS tutoring programs are designed to prepare students for TSI and provide academic interventions.
Edgenuity My Path Interventions
  • Designed to help students meet the rigor of common core and state standards this interactive online learning intervention program scaffolds learning by offering data driven direct instructional videos and practice  based on a student's needs. 
  • Students will access Edgenuity in class daily as well as a resource to be used from home for extra practice.
  • Click here to access Edgenuity from home!
Upswing Free Online Tutorials
  • Upswing is offered for by LSCO as a free online resource. This program provides ECHS students with a vast access of tutors in multiple content areas as well as multiple online resources dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals. 
  • Upswing will be accessed in class as well as a resource to use from home. 
  • Click here to access Upswing from home!
Bridge Program for incoming Freshmen
  • Offered prior to enrolling their freshmen year, Students are mandated to attend activities that will inform them of ECHS expectations as well as sharpen their awareness of TSI assessments. 
  • Bridge program provides students the opportunity to practice using pre-assessments and tutorials. As well as listening to special speakers focused on soft skills to be successful in ECHS and TSI. 
  • Click here to learn more about this year's summer bridge program.