Admission & Enrollment


Admission Procedures

  • Students complete the ECHS application and return it to the middle school counselor or apply online.
  • Students and at least one parent/guardian attend a parent meeting with the ECHS Director and staff.
  • All applying students interview with a committee.
  • The district’s ECHS enrolls 25 students per cohort. In the event that more than 25 students apply, a weighted lottery process will be used to select the 25 students.
  • Students attend the mandatory Summer Bridge prior to entering 9th grade.



In order to comply with the ECHS Blueprint from TEA, WOCCISD’s Early College High School will implement a weighted lottery. All students who apply to attend the Early College High School will be entered into the lottery.

The goal of the lottery is to be fair, equitable, and unbiased while targeting students who fulfill the mission of Early College High School.

The first 25 names that are drawn from the lottery will make up the accepted freshman class. The remaining names will be placed on a waiting list in the order they are picked from the lottery.

Parents/guardians will be notified via e-mail of their student’s acceptance or placement on a waiting list.




As a district decision, WOCCISD’s Early College High School (ECHS) will only accept 25 students per cohort. If more applicants are received than spots available, a weighted lottery will be conducted.

West Orange-Cove CISD will conduct a manual weighted lottery process where chips or markers are placed in a bucket with every applicant’s name written on the chips. Every student that applies will have at least one entry. Early College High Schools were designed so that young people who are traditionally underrepresented in higher education can experience a smooth transition to college; however, anyone regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, ethnicity/race, etc. may apply. A weighted lottery means that applicants who meet the ECHS’s targeted population will receive an extra entry into the lottery based on the needs determined by the data (which will change from year to year depending on the number of applicants received). The chips/markers will be pulled, with the first 25 pulled being guaranteed to be a part of the incoming freshman class. We will calculate the weights of entrants after receiving all applications and post it to the website. 

Early College High School Student Applications are available in multiple options:
  1. Hard copies of the Early College High School Student Application may be picked up at the West Orange - Stark Middle School Counselor's Office. 
  2. Hard copy applications may be downloaded from this website.
  3. Applications may be completed and submitted on-line.
All completed hard copy applications should be returned to the WOS Middle School Counselor's Office.
*For updates and more information on ECHS and the application process:
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