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Class of 2024 ECHS Announced!!!

Early College High School cohort 2024 lottery results are in! We are excited to have had 45 applicants this year. Please note the first 25 are automatically enrolled into ECHS. Every student who follows is an alternate in numerical order in the case of a withdrawal. Thank you to everyone who applied and participated in the lottery process.
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Today ECHS Parent Informational Meeting!!!

At 1pm Tuesday, West Orange Stark-High School ECHS parents are invited to attend a brief virtual informational Q&A meeting concerning enrolled dual credit courses. A link was emailed to parents last week. If you did not receive an email, please feel free to use the link below.
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TBA class of 2024

ECHS class of 2024 will be announced next week! Be looking for the weighted lottery video and the 2024 ECHS student list. Please note there are only 25 spots available. As noted in the ECHS blueprints provided by Texas Educational Agency, "For admissions, the ECHS shall use either a performance-blind, open-access lottery system that encourages and considers applications from all
students (all students have an equal opportunity for acceptance, regardless of background or academic performance) or a weighted lottery that
favors students who are at risk or who are part of the targeted sub-populations for the ECHS." West Orange Cove Consolidated School District have put in place the weighted lottery system to meet these demands. Good luck to all our incoming 9th grade students!
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